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Copy and paste using the Clipboard in Office for Mac

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Thanks Jay. You can click it to change the formatting of the pasted item. To dismiss it, click anywhere else in the document, press ESC , or begin typing. To save and reuse text and graphics, even if you turn off your computer, you can use the Scrapbook. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first.

How To View Clipboard History On Mac

Was this information helpful? Unfortunately, not all apps have such a command, even when it might be useful.

To work around that limitation, turn to utility software, which you may already own. Some apps like Pages, TextEdit, and Messages let you do the opposite, and copy and paste not the actual characters but instead the style of the source text. This capability is less common, and the location of the necessary commands varies widely. Whenever you copy or cut something, the new data overwrites whatever is on the clipboard. That can be annoying at times, forcing you to shuttle back and forth to move discrete chunks of data between apps.

Control-K performs a kill, while Control-Y does a yank. In practice, Kill and Yank are largely equivalent to the Cut and Paste commands, but with a few differences. There are other notable differences. Unlike Command-X, if you press Control-K when no text is selected, it affects everything from the insertion point to the end of the paragraph.

If you perform multiple kills with no text selected, each bit of killed text is appended to the kill ring, such that a yank pastes all of them back at once. Finally, when you paste with Control-Y, all styles are automatically stripped from the pasted text. Kill and Yank work in most OS X apps, but not all, and only seemingly in text-editing areas.

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Plus, some apps, particularly word processors and text editors, implement the Kill and Yank keyboard shortcuts in slightly different ways. And in Nisus Writer Pro, Yank can paste the text in the kill ring multiple times no matter how it got there, and it pastes with styles. Dragging is often easier, but there are situations where copy and paste can be more efficient. Using Shift-click or Command-click, you can select and then copy multiple items at once. One final tweaky Finder tip.

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This copies, as text, the full pathname to the file or folder. This approach has the added benefit of reformatting the pathname as necessary.

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In particular, Web browsers make it possible to copy a variety of things. The details vary slightly between browsers, but in Safari, there are a few different things you can copy from a Web page:. Copying text works just as in any other app. However, for the other types of data, you need to Control-click or right-click, or however you usually bring up a contextual menu the link or image. In a sense, text clippings solve the problem of OS X having only a single clipboard, since you could make a number of text clippings, and then drag them in all at once. You can select multiple clippings and drag them into a document simultaneously.

Plain text clippings take on the formatting of the surrounding text when dragged into a document, whereas rich text clippings retain their styles. You cannot edit a text clipping in any way. But wait! Instead, just select the text and drag from one window to the other.

Cut, Copy, and Paste Basics

This drag-and-drop trick works with graphics too. Try this excruciatingly neat set of steps:. The clipboard is just one standard public pasteboard that all applications share; drag-and-drop operations use a different public clipboard, and the Kill and Yank commands presumably use yet another. While pasteboards are conceptually simple, implementing them well can be quite complex. Should you want to connect clipboard data with Unix apps, check out the pbcopy and pbpaste commands. Explaining how to use them is beyond the scope of this article, but you can start at their man pages.

And, of course, if you have any other clipboard- or pasteboard-related tips, let us know. This is good as far as it goes.

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But multiple clipboards are even better! Which of the many utilities that add multiple clipboards do you recommend? But, it's getting wonky and I'm ready to try a new multiple clipboard manager. As we say in the article, there are a lot of utilities that will provide access to multiple clipboards or, more generally, clipboard history.

Since so many do this, it often comes down to what else you might want, or are already using. Personally, I use LaunchBar for access to clipboard history and Keyboard Maestro if I need specific multiple clipboards. I also use Keyboard Maestro to strip formatting from styled text even if the app doesn't support that feature. The only thing that erases the kill ring is a kill that's not immediately preceded by a kill. This brings up a second point that wasn't mentioned in the article.

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